Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
| Only one lot left!
| Seize the opportunity to explore Lot 2
Devonian Ridge Estates leaf illustration

Welcome to the Ridge

10 lots are marked out on this 23-acre historic property for families who want the best of nature and recreation with convenient access to the city and the spectacular Rocky Mountains.

Devonian Ridge Estates is bordered by more than 100 acres of protected parkland teeming with wildlife, wildflowers, and with easy access to a secluded inlet that flows off the Bow River.

The development concept features a custom-designed waterfall, brook and pond. Walking paths lead to a gazebo in Homestead Park where our community can gather. Feel like playing 18 holes of golf? Springbank Links Golf Course is directly across the road.

Available Lots

Devonian Ridge estate plan

The View

100 Devonian Ridge Place

This majestic lot backs onto Bearspaw Legacy Park. Here you can expect panoramic views of the mountains, downtown, river valley and Springbank Links golf course from your future master suite. 

Devonian Ridge Lot 1
Lot one The ViewLot 1 The ViewRocky mountain view from Devonian RidgeLot 1 Devonian RidgeForest Devonian Ridge Estates

Links Lookout

90 Devonian Ridge Place

Not only are the river valley and downtown views spectacular but you will only need your private golf cart to make it to the first tee across the road.


Top of the Ridge

80 Devonian Ridge Place

With almost 400 feet of this lot backing onto Bearspaw Legacy Park it’s hard to believe you can also witness the incredible fiery sunrises over Calgary and the glow of city lights at night.


Valley View

70 Devonian Ridge Place

Not only are the river valley and downtown views spectacular, but your back yard is a city park.


Big Buck

60 Devonian Ridge Place

Aspen, Balsam, Poplar and White Spruce trees make wonderful homes for birds, forest dwellers and you. Not only does this lot back onto Bearspaw Legacy Park, but you might catch a glimpse of the Big Buck who lives in your backyard forest.



50 Devonian Ridge Place

Revel in the colour and fragrance of wildflowers that harken back to Earth’s first seeds that took root in the Devonian Period.


River Run

40 Devonian Ridge Place

Drink in the view over the Bow River from this central community property.


Corner Brook

10 Devonian Ridge Place

Devonian Ridge's only lot that includes a custom-built home and extensive landscaping that's move-in ready. Take in the view of downtown, and just steps from your own backyard beach the community park water features, barbeque area and gazebo are yours to enjoy. 


Brook Haven

20 Devonian Ridge Place

Explore the flora and fauna lining Homestead Brook as you’ll feel constantly spoiled with a tranquil stream leading you to a private beach backing onto the community Homestead park and pond. 



30 Devonian Ridge Place

Become transfixed by not only the city views but the soothing sounds of custom water features throughout your backyard. 


Development properties at Devonian Ridge Estates are available now. Purchasers do not have a building commitment. They are welcome to just come out and enjoy the community amenities, including swimming, fishing, golfing, hiking, and boating. In addition to these, indulge in nearby private pathways, protected parkland, reservoirs, ponds, waterfalls, communal beach, putting green and a communal BBQ and firepit area. Devonian Ridge ensures a vibrant lifestyle with its plentiful offerings. Each lot is a spacious 1.98 Acres
(Lot lines in photography are approximations).

Architectural controls

To preserve the unity of the community and ensure everyone gets the most out of their desired lot, we have imposed some architectural and building controls on the community.

Every home is required to follow a rustic contemporary exterior design, and only certain lots allow for a two-story build while others allow for a bungalow. These controls make sure what you love about your property, whether it’s the view or the intimacy with nature, isn’t interrupted by anyone else.

Project Timeline

Stage One

The 23-acre property was purchased in 2017 and has undergone all required technical studies led by Westhoff Engineering Resources Inc, Bunt & Associates, Curtis GEO Solutions Inc, and Groundwater Information Technologies Ltd. Several development concepts have also been studied before arriving at our current plan, shaped in partnership with Rocky View County.

Stage Two

Public engagement and a formal community Open House were held in August and September 2018. Technical studies and public comments have been included in a land use re-designation application to Rocky View County from Agricultural Holdings (AH) to Residential (R-1), in keeping with much of the surrounding residential properties.

Stage Three

A public hearing is expected at Rocky View County early in 2019.

Project Completion

Project to be completed 2021

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Servicing Strategy

Devonian Ridge branch illustration

Potable Water

Each lot comes equipped with its own drilled and tested water well, meeting the rigorous standards set by both the County and Province.

The Phase 1 supply report assures that the aquifer conditions in the area are conducive, with an average capacity that aligns with the Water Act's specifications of 1,250 m/year. Importantly, this capacity ensures that the water needs for the lots are met without any adverse effects on existing domestic, licensed, or traditional groundwater users in the vicinity.

Devonian Ridge Calgary River


Each new lot will feature individual sewage treatment and septic fields.

Packaged sewer treatment system meeting BNQ Standards will be required for each new residence to comply with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and Rocky View County standards.

Fire Suppression

The storm water pond in the southeast corner of the property, has been designed to provide the dual function as a water reservoir equipped with a dry hydrant for fire suppression. The pond is a key landscape feature of the community’s Homestead Park.


Our storm water management plan is in accordance with the Springbank Master Drainage Plan (MPE, 2013). We propose an overland drainage system without an underground piping system to achieve volume and water quality targets. 

Each lot will manage storm runoff on its site individually with the use of low impact development technologies (LID’s) and best management practices (BMP’s). Use of absorptive landscaping and trap lows will be incorporated to promote infiltration, evapotranspiration and improvement of water quality, and to reduce water volumes for discharge downstream. The system provides peak rate control to minimize flood risk. A storm water pond will also be created in the southeast corner of the site. 


Bunt & Associates Engineering Ltd. conducted a Traffic Impact Assessment (TIA) and concluded the proposed development would generate eight AM peak hour trips and 10 PM peak hour trips. No external road way or intersection upgrades are required to accommodate the proposed development.


Reducing our ecological footprint is important to the community, and therefore we support green initiatives at the Ridge. We encourage the use of renewable energy sources to power the Devonian Ridge community such as solar panels and geothermal energy, as well as attempting to re-use as much plant material as possible.

The Devonian Ridge community is waiting for you.  

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